My Journey

This spring quarter, I had to write an extensive research paper for the Humanities Core Course. Let me say, that it is definitely a long and energy-requiring work in the process. From start to finish every little task had a challenge, whether that be from picking out an artifact or writing the actual paper. First of all, picking out the right artifact is important; you should pick something you are actually interested in so that the whole writing and research process won’t seem like such a boring obligation. Then, you must pick out the sources. I always struggle with this part because the sources must be scholarly and peer-reviewed sources, but at the same time a good source that has a lot of information relating to your article. After that, an annotated bibliography and source review must be written up, meaning you must read the sources thoroughly and summarize them in your own words. Lastly, a working draft then final draft must be conjured up. The whole paper is an 8-12 page long paper that requires a lot of time, effort, and editing. The hardest part is definitely reading the sources, not understanding them at first, and having to read them over a few times. It can be a drag and a bore, and you can get so lazy. Summarizing the sources and analyzing the writer’s point of view and argument is also another tough challenge, especially having to do that for multiple sources. I struggled quite a bit with the reading and summarizing part because it was a haul to check off my to-do list. Another struggle while summarizing was correctly paraphrasing the sources, for it is so easy to copy and paste something off the internet. However, I think I did a pretty neat job at analyzing my sources and inputting my voice into my paper.

For a future HCC student starting the research paper, I would suggest to get ready for the workload, for this research is not an easy thing to improvise and type up the night before it is due. Picking out an interesting and (personally) attention grabbing artifact will help with keeping the student interested in wanting to understand the artifact more. Also, do not copy and paste anything and take the time to read and understand the sources on your own, for that will also help in the student’s growth for patience and understanding of an unfamiliar subject.

Through this whole process, I definitely had some ups and downs but I hope that in the end, I hope I produce a satisfactory paper for both myself and the reader.

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