The Importance of Clothes

Gender and race are topics that have peaked my interest lately especially in the studies of the humanities because these are things that directly are tied to and influence the direction and rise/fall of an empire. The superior race and gender always conquer and colonize their inferiors or people they see as savages. In history books, the europeans are always the ones who are portrayed as the dominant race, conquering, judging, and justifying their wrongful actions by using their race and their “better culture” as an excuse. Males are also portrayed as the gender in control and superior over females. The modern world puts such an emphasis on gender equality and women’s rights (women’s marches) that I can’t help but think about and get interested in the issue of gender and racial inequality, and especially how women are objectified as tools for men.  

Continuing on, in a recent humanities core lecture, a topic constantly brought up was the idea of sex and colonialism. Women especially were emphasized while discussing this topic because women are such an important aspect of “sex.” Without women there would not be anything-no families, no continuation of generations.

I could go on about how women are important and a vital need to society and biological needs, but I’m going to diverge onto european colonization and sexual encounters. European colonization brought distraught in many aspects to the native americans who had their land and lives taken away by the white people, but one big topic after colonization occurred is how varied the views of sex (and women and culture/lifestyle) was to both european and native american men. The culture differences between the europeans and the natives were very big- they had different social etiquettes, perspectives about spirits and life, medicine, nature, and clothing. My professor had pin-pointed out the particular differences in clothing between the two groups and how that affected society’s views about one group. For example, the native women (and natives in general) wore minimal clothing to cover private areas because they were more about being natural/one with nature. Europeans on the other hand were fully dressed and covered from head to toe, in underclothes, shoes, gloves, etc. and therefore looked down upon their inferiors, the “savage” natives. Clothing was a big divider between the two groups; because native women wore much less clothes than european women, european men interpreted this to mean that the native women were trying to seduce the men to go to bed with them.


Native women most likely had a bad image to the europeans because of their clothing and “barbarous” lifestyle when that is the way of their culture. Because these women had less clothes, they were automatically objectified to the idea of sex.

I think women are more related to sex than guys are because women biologically give birth and are more tied down to the idea of sexual relationships, but that does not mean that women should be objectified to the idea of sex or men in that matter.

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