Don’t judge a book by its cover.

People often judge based on first impressions, looks or behavior. However, that is obviously not all there is to that person because a judgement is also an assumption, meaning that it’s a guess about how a certain person is like. This is a continuous trend that has been going on in everyday life whenever people see other who are more unique that strikes the arousal of judgement.

This year’s most prime example of judgement would definitely be the “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” protests. Recently, police brutality towards the black race for seemingly no necessary reason has caused arousal of America’s old friend, the problem of racism. The police would beat harmless African- American protestors or ones who “looked” dangerous  because of their outer appearance. It is a fact that a certain race may have a higher crime rate in a certain area, but that does not mean that all people of that race are criminals or persons with bad intentions. Racial superiority also comes in play in this scene because most of the police officers were white. Having both a power-enforcing job and the skin color associated with being the best, the officers are given control of an area, which results in having power, whichever way, good or bad, they choose to use it. This conflict of racism, europeans being on the tip-top of society’s racial pyramid, has been grounded since the beginning of time.

Since way back, whites have always proved to be more superior and civilized than the other races. Their white skin, way of living, language, and “civilized” society gave them the confidence to act like emperors, judging and looking down upon those who aren’t like them. Similarly, in Professor Lazo’s most recent humanities lecture and my discussion course, he mentioned “Artifice- “The Big Red Apples.” Red apples have a red outer tone and a white undertone. Red apples were correlated to Indians because of their skin color, but also because of what was on the “inside.” Hernan Cortes, a conquistedor, confidently marched in the Aztec Indians land and conquered the domestic people, forcing them to become “civilized” from their barbaric ways. The Spaniards saw that the Aztecs did not live like they did and concluded from their observations that the Indians were inferior to themselves, also as “barbaric.”  The Aztecs may have looked uncivilized to the Spaniards, but they indeed had their own culture and civilization they created to survive in their environment. And they were indeed, misjudged by the outsiders who invaded their land.



Misjudging is a common happening in the world, especially, as history has shown, by the ones with power, those who think they are in any way superior to those they observe. Like Cortes and whites, people misjudge and may act upon their assumptions by saying something or acting rude, but still have the power of choice to choose to look past the appearance of a person. Yes, in history whites and Cortes did have power and chose to use that power to dominate over their inferiors to build an empire that later expanded westward, but did it for the wrong reason. The idea of Manifest Destiny, the belief that is was a God-given task to expand a nation’s borders, no matter the cost, did allow the foundation of what is America, but was accomplished in dirty ways.

In the end, humans are humans. Judgement is inevitable, but it is that sliver of choice of judgement that we can use for good or bad.

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