The Coming Together

Is there a relationship between modern culture and imperialism? Let’s go back in history. The Roman Republic was principally governed by the Senate and other high authorities. However, in an empire, there are always those who resist against the powers and guides of the authorities. In Edward Said’s “The Politics of Knowledge,” he discussed the native resistance against imperial rule and also orientalism. He proceeded with saying there is a difference in cultures and how the different cultures are presented and talked about in history books and novels. It is very common to see history books and novels centered around the culture and lifestyle of white men who were successful enough to have their names written in books centuries after their death. But nowadays, people think differently and are starting to question the overall credibility the successful white men have in society today and back then. I mean, people have always wanted to bring their own cultures’ successes into the light for the world to praise and write about for future generations to read and chat about over coffee or tea. I feel like in today’s world, that is can be a commonly discussed topic- the power and empire built up by the successes of many, but different people.

Are whites (white men) really the most dominant ones over other races and cultures? Are they the national identity? I don’t think so. The world consists of many different people and cultural backgrounds. Also, the news exploits the successes and doings of white people or the faults of African-Americans and the minority. Why is that? I believe it has to do with the “imperialism” in society. 


It is true that, according to history books and records, whites have succeeded in expanding their territory to make America (and other european nations) what it is today. Still, the efforts of the minority with less power rising up against the dominant race is beginning to show and really impact the world.

This article conveys today’s battles of racial superiority through the BLM movements. It is a prime example of domestic resistance and how one race is superior to others, just like how the Roman empire was superior to other nations and powers around them after their many victories. The Romans have started as a tiny city-state but later on really turned their nation into an “empire” through all the battles, lives, and blood given up throughout years. They built an empire through the process of Romanization and the grant of citizenship. The gradual induction of conquered elites also led to the Romans imperial power structures. But in the end, everyone came together to believe that all lives matter equally because we are one nation, built by the same effort just of different people. Said also said, “…resistance is evidence of an attempt of oppressed people to reclaim their identity.” Great authoritarian uprisings made their earliest advances by attacking the supporters of a culture for failing to uphold their own standards and extending them to more than a small portion of humanity.



Although the whites (“superior” or europeans) used the powers they had-money, people, kingdoms- to expand their nation, the Romans, like the minority groups, used the determination and greed they had to build a bigger empire by conquering the lands they stepped into. It’s kind of the opposite-whites had everything but the Romans something out of nothing-, but in the end, both created a nation and group that is bigger, wealthier, and stronger than a kingdom. Slowly but surely, both groups made it through resistance and determination of their will power. 




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